About us

About 15 years ago, while going through some of my father’s things after he passed, I came across some VHS tapes that he had recorded over the previous 10 years or so. As I began to watch them, I soon realized what a precious gift my father had left us.  Here were friends and relatives, some still with us and some departed, captured and frozen within these frames of film. The question now was how best to preserve them and organize them.

I began to look at computer programs that allowed me to do just that. Soon I was working with my own family’s recordings of holidays, vacations, birthdays, and other special moments, editing them with photos and music and placing them on DVDs.

As I delved deeper into the craft of editing photos and film, I found myself beginning to help friends to organize their family memories.This has now grown into doing video memorials for families to show at funeral homes or churches.

We have expanded our services to include recording and editing your wedding day activities and placing them on a DVD. We have even taken couples’ wedding day VHS tapes and photos and recreated their wedding day memories of long ago, now ready to share with generations to come.

We also do special anniversary DVDs, tracing a couple’s history from their wedding day to the milestone year they are celebrating to be shown at the party or shared just with family.

So no matter what your video needs may be, chances are that we can help you with your special project.  Contact us today and let’s get started!   Remember: Your Memories, Your Life!